December 7, 2017

Do You Need Shower Chair To Take Care For Seniors

Thanks to the improvement and commendable innovations in the field of health care, people are experiencing better health. Life expectancy is getting longer compared to the life expectancy of people just a few decades ago. This should be considered as good news since it involves the improvement and prolonged life. However, longer life spans also bring challenges that include issues such as who will care for our elderly.

Many people prefer to take care of their older parents themselves. They give time and support to their parents as well as tender, loving care on a personal basis. There are also some people who prefer to leave their parents in the care of homes for the aged. There is a prevalent notion that people who leave their parents at homes for the aged are not concerned with their parents anymore and that they just want to leave them to the care of others.

However, that kind of approach is not totally true because some individuals who decide to leave their parents to the care of others are just victims of circumstances. By this, it means that even though people have the will and intention to take care of their older parents themselves, they can’t really do it because they are prohibited the constraints of work. With an issue as sensitive as this, people should avoid becoming judgmental because in reality, all people have the innate desire to take care of their parents. Your parents in their old age may need special care and special equipment. Among them is a shower chair that help them to take bath without the fear of falling down. This guide will help you buy the best shower chairs in UK at affordable price.

Just like everything else, the issue of taking care of your elderly parents has its own set of pros and cons. As they say, there are always two sides to every story; that’s why this chapter discusses the advantages and disadvantages and an unbiased view regarding parental care. You may be asking yourself – what’s the fuss in taking care of older parents when the act of taking care of the elderly has been practiced since time immemorial? It became an issue when people started to get too busy and too involved in their work and career in order to prosper and earn money.

The “nuclear” family has arrived. Rather than parents living with their grown children, we are now all separated. Years ago the family unit was comprised of grandparents, grown children and grandchildren all living under one roof. Caring for aging parents was a non-issue.
So now comes the question: have people evolved into selfless and materialistic ogres? What happened to the tender, loving care that’s supposed to be given personally and wholeheartedly to older people? As mentioned earlier, we really can’t judge someone’s approach to taking care of their older parents because in one way or another, their decision depends on many factors (socio-economical, physical, psychological, etc.).

Although caring for older people is a very fulfilling thing to do, some people think that they are not capable enough to do the job themselves. That is one reason why they prefer to leave their older parents in the care of institutions that they think are more capable of giving essential care.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of taking care of older parents personally is having a feeling of fulfillment and inner happiness. Aside from the fact that older people will feel really happy that their own children are taking care of them personally, they will also feel that they are indeed loved and important.

Older people usually go through a stage when they feel that they are unloved and unimportant. There will be times that they need to be assured that they are loved and that they are not considered as a burden to the family. In a way, making your parents happy can bring joy, contentment and peace of mind not only to them but to the one giving care as well.

Whether you choose to take care of your older parents personally or locate them in a home for the elderly, your purpose and your intention are the ones that matter most. As long as you aspire to give them the very best care that you can give and as long as your intention is pure and coming from the heart, your elderly parents will surely appreciate what you are doing.

Shower Chairs For Elderly – Advantages and Disadvantages

Shower Chairs of 2018Bathing while traveling can be a nightmare for people with limited mobility. Most people naturally want to avoid having to endure the embarrassment of being bathed by someone else. A shower chair allows you to bathe in private, even if you suffer from temporary or permanent disability. Some shower seats come equipped with a shelf underneath the seat, allowing you to keep all of your shower essentials and other products easily accessible and also out of the way. When you own your own personal shower or bath chair you can take it with you!

In fact, this is often the reason why elderly people are so grumpy when they’re being bathed. This removes the embarrassment of asking someone else for help away while taking a bath. Shower seats are very practical. Who really knows how clean the bath and shower chairs at hotels really are and why should you put your health and hygiene at risk? And because a shower chair allows the user to bathe safely and comfortably, it may also eliminate the need for caregiver assistance in most cases.

Having someone watch while bathing or worse, bathe, you can eliminate much of their dignity. For example, they can relieve pain associated with bending over a shower to bathe children or pets, making your time much more efficient and painless. Is it clean? Therefore, a shower chair not only provides safety and comfort during a shower, but it also helps you retain your dignity by allowing you to bathe independently. A shower chair can be your dignity without assistance to help preserve the shower by someone else.

Is it sturdy? Is it broken? A shower or bath chair is a very personal piece of equipment and using one that others have used leaves you to wonder. You don’t want to risk infecting yourself with another’s virus or bacteria or using equipment you are unfamiliar with and unsure of its safety.

How to buy shower chair in UK

Shower chairs are designed to help make showering easier and safer. A good shower seat should be comfortable, slip-resistant and wide enough to fit the user. Some models come equipped with a seat that slides and/or swivels, which can help make getting in and out over the tub wall easier. Shower seats come in a surprisingly wide variety of styles, models, and price ranges. Showering can be difficult for many older people with a disability or chronic illness.

  • Padded or contoured, most bath seats have drainage holes to prevent water from building up as well as prevent unforeseen accidents.
  • Some (but not all) of the sliding and/or swivel seat models have a locking mechanism that prevents the seat from moving when you sit down or stand up.
  • While this makes it possible to find the right seat for just about any user, navigating through the available options can be confusing.
  • For people who have problems bending or standing for long periods, shower chairs can provide that extra bit of stability they need to remain independent.
  • The waterproof seat in a chair is highly recommended as well, so you don’t need to worry if the water can corrode any part of the chair.
  • Some models have a cut-out portion in the center of the seat, making it possible to reach down and wash genitals while seated.

Start with these basic considerations to narrow down your search and make shopping easier and more successful. The Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair is another fantastic option with Back support and Arm. Furthermore, the seat should be wide enough to support the users of different, preferred sizes, too. Some people prefer to have a fixed shower chair that is permanent feature of their shower area.

That is why the aged care equipment created by trusted manufacturers is useful for the elderly. The construction quality of this shower chair is also excellent. The seat of the Bathtub Transfer Bench/Bath Chair is flexible as the height can be adjusted to five levels in increments of one inch from 16.5 inches to 20.5 inches. Various wall mounted shower seats are available, usually with drop-down feet and a hinge mechanism that enables them to fold against the wall when not required. They provide you the help you need to have when you are doing anything.

It features height adjustment facility without any tools. The seat is made of durable plastic in white that is easy to clean and has the weight capacity of 250 pounds. However, please be aware that these are only suitable for attachment to load-bearing walls of a suitable strength. There is equipment to help you walk, to sit and even to help you with baths and showers. Therefore, it also has the indicator for height adjustment. The back of the seat can be assembled for either left or right hand application depending on what side of the tub you wish to install it or you may wish not to install the back at all. Having this kind of assistance, especially with bath and shower aids, can be very important. The seat is also pretty comfortable. Overall, it is one of the best shower chairs at this price range.

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